Airport Leadership Development Course 

**Recognizing the possible limitations on staff travel and budget due to the impacts of

COVID-19, this course has been postponed.

New dates and times will be announced soon.**

The Airport Leadership Development Program was developed through a Transportation Research Board Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) by a research team comprised of members from The Ohio State University, Direct Effect Solutions, Inc, HNTB and The Columbus Regional Airport Authority. (Published as ACRP Report 75). The Airport Leadership Development Program Course 101 was refreshed and rebranded for delivery in October 2014 through the same partnership.

Intended Audience

The curriculum was designed to be used with both emerging and existing leaders and is intended to be used to expand leadership capabilities in any participant for their current and future roles with any organization. Participants should be selected based on their current performance and potential and their willingness to seek additional self-awareness into their leadership behaviors. There is a cap of 24 participants in total with a maximum of 3 per airport. Please ensure selected participants are comfortable with discussing and critiquing personal and peer leadership performance. This course is open for airport employees - if there is space remaining towards the close of registration, an invitation will be extended to corporate employees. 

Course Objectives and Outcomes

The Airport Leadership Development Program Course was developed using five overarching topic areas, organized within the curriculum as modules. The five modules are: Self-Management, Leadership Fundamentals, Leadership Engagement, Leadership Competencies, and Leadership Application. This course has been delivered with a “ticket of admission” which includes the 360 feedback survey report and a culminating activity which is a presentation by each student describing what they have learned about themselves and their organizations as well as their commitment to action for change.


October 4-7, 2020

980 9th Street, Suite 350

Sacramento, CA 95814

Date/ times


4:30-7:30PM Evening Welcome Reception and Guest Speaker (TBD)

                    Drake's the Barn 

                    985 Riverfront Street 

                    West Sacramento, CA 

                    (5-7 minute drive from downtown Sacramento)


8:00 Continental breakfast


8:30 Content delivery


12:00 Lunch

1:00-5:00 Content delivery


8:00 Continental breakfast


8:30 Content delivery


12:00 Lunch


12:45- 5:00 Content delivery




8:00 Continental breakfast


8:30 Content delivery


12:00 Lunch


12:45- 3:00 Culminating activity and completion of course


Hotel Reservations

Hotel information to be posted later. 


Registration opens on April 1st. The early bird registration fee is $750 per person (maximum of 3 participants per airport) from April 1st to June 30th. From July 1st to August 31st the fee is $850. Upon registration an invoice will be emailed for payment processing. Registration must be completed by August 31, 2020.

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