The CAC represents the 34 commercial service airports in California, who served almost 180 million passengers in 2012. California airports account for more commercial aviation activities than any other single state, accounting for about 13.5% of all commercial aviation in the United States. The economic impact of California commercial aviation is significant, generating

$15.5 billion in wages and supporting 386,000 jobs statewide. The overall industry output of California airports injects more than $63 billion into the California economy, all from airports that are among the greenest operators in the world. The mission of the California Airports Council is to support and promote a robust environment for California’s network of commercial aviation airports to thrive and grow.

The CAC is the primary consultative resource for any entity seeking to influence airports or propose policies that impact airport operations, and provides a strong voice that advocates for the perspective of the highest level of public interest and benefit while emphasizing the safe movement of passengers and goods through California commercial airports